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Meet Lady Phelps

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Meet Lady Laurona Phelps: A Beacon of Inspiration for Ambitious Women & Kingdom Leaders 

🌟 Breaking Barriers, Embracing Potential
Lady Laurona Phelps is not just a name, but a movement. She transcends traditional boundaries, demonstrating that ministry and empowerment extend far beyond conventional realms. Her message is clear: "Move beyond traditionalism and embrace your true potential."

👩‍👧‍👦 A Mother's Love, A Family's Strength
Juggling roles as a loving mother to six and grandmother, Lady Phelps shines as a beacon of familial love and commitment. Her personal journey is intertwined with her husband, Bishop Eusebio Phelps Sr., as they lead New Faith Christian Church and their educational ventures - New Faith Early Learning Center and New Faith Academy in Stockbridge, Georgia.

💼 Trailblazing in Ministry and the Marketplace
Lady Phelps is a force in both spiritual and professional spheres. Excelling as a top performer in a leading Fortune 500 financial planning company, she embodies the essence of what it means to succeed against all odds.

👩‍💼 Empowering Women: Boss Christian Chics, Inc. and More
As the founder of Boss Christian Chics, Inc. and the “Girl, Fix Yourself” movement, Lady Phelps has carved a niche for herself as an empowering figure for women. Her initiatives focus on education, encouragement, and embracing one's full potential.

📚 Author and Healer: Turning Pain into Purpose
From the personal tragedy of losing her firstborn son, Samuel, Lady Phelps authored 'From Pain to Purpose' and spearheaded 'My Pain is Pushing Me into my Purpose' women's conference. Her work addresses the raw truths of hardship and offers a hand of hope and healing.

🔥 Provoked24: A Call to Action
Lady Phelps is at the forefront of PROVOKED24, a groundbreaking women's conference set to revolutionize the lives of 2000 women from March 13th to the 16th 2024 at the Georgia International Conference Center. This event promises to be a transformative journey in spiritual, personal, and professional growth.


🌟 A Visionary Leader
In every aspect, Lady Laurona Phelps exemplifies the essence of a powerful woman of God and a visionary entrepreneur. Her life and work continue to inspire and provoke women to rise above challenges and seize their divine destiny.

Lady Laurona Phelps – a true inspiration for every ambitious woman. I'm Ready To Be Provoked

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