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Girl, fix yourself! Where we are making sure you stop and look at yourself from the inside out.  


It’s a movement to empower women to FIGHT back to regain YOU. In 2019, I watched my husband regain his strength from tragedy. I watched him take ownership to close on a one point one million dollar property for our ministry. Witnessing his drive provoked me to shift! In the midst of being a helpmate, I heard God say, “Laurona, fix yourself!” This clear, practical directive made something leap in my spirit. I began a new journey of discovery and by the fall of last year, I started inviting other women to achieve financial freedom. I saw the plan work for my husband, then myself and it prompted me to want to empower others. This platform encourages women and reminds women that nothing worth really having comes easy. We have to fight for it! We have to remind ourselves of the scripture, Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, saith the Lord, Plans for you to prosper and to give you hope for the future. By faith, we are all fighting for the manifestation of that scripture. Why? Because YOU ARE WORTH IT and you have purpose to fulfill so girl, fix yourself!

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